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Welcome to the iPeer Trac System

iPeer Trac is a ticketing system used to track bugs in the development of iPeer Evaluation web application. As iPeer is an open-source project, developers are welcome to download, use, and contribute to the iPeer project. The Timeline section is used to track the progress of the project, including key milestones. Please refer to the following sections for more details on iPeer and the bug tracking system:

  1. What is iPeer?
  2. Types of Users
  3. Download
  4. Installation
  5. Configuration
  6. System Evaluation

Existing Documentation

  1. Previous Technical Documentation - contains a few specific details about iPeer, relating to set-up/distribution.
  2. Present iPeer Security mechanisms.

Evaluations of iPeer Itself

  1. February 2010 Evaluation
  2. May 2010 Evaluation

Proposed Futures / Enhancements

  1. New User Roles table.
  2. Database Diagram (with some future enhancements).
  3. Features asked for by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

List of Database Changes

  1. List of Database changes for upgrade iPeer 2.0 -> 2.1


  1. PHP Timezone settings fixing the message "Warning: strtotime() [function.strtotime]: It is not safe to rely on the system's...."


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