iPeer Changes / Feature Request

April 28, 2010 University of North Carolina at Charlotte


We would like to have the option to use different authentication protocols easily. Our computing environment uses Kerberos for authentication and it would be easier and more secure to use this than storing passwords in a MySQL database. This option would also disable the password reset option.

Student Profile Editing

We would like the option to disable a student’s ability to edit their profile. Only the Admin/Instructors should be able to do this.

Required Comments

When creating an event, the “Require Student Comments” option only applies to a Simple Evaluation. We would like this to apply to Mixed Evaluations as well.

Group Management

If the group number has to be unique across the entire system, have it assigned automatically instead of the Instructor having to guess for a number that hasn’t been used yet.


A feature to allow multiple courses to be linked so that groups could contain students multiple courses would be useful.

Print to PDF

An option to print Evaluation Reports to PDF. The ability to do this with multiple reports at once.

Upload Course through CSV

Have the ability to create a course, assign instructors, and load the roster for that course through a single CSV.

Random Team Generation

Have the ability to create random teams based on a specified team size. This is like TeamMaker without the survey.

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