2. Types of Users


Students form the majority of users of iPeer; students also have the most limited amount of possible operations. Students are only allowed to submit evaluation assignments and to edit their own profiles


Instructors form the second largest user group. Instructors have the added ability to:

  • edit courses
  • add/edit/copy students
  • add/edit/copy groups
  • create/edit/copy evaluation formats
  • add/edit/copy evaluation assignments
  • email groups

Note: Instructors are only allowed to modify information related to their courses.


Administrators form the smallest user group. An administrator has instructor capabilities (see above) for all courses and users. The administrator also has the very dangerous ability to delete information, which can cause data inconsistency (this is discussed in more detail for each individual section). There is also a super admin account that is used for administration of administrators. Administrators should pay careful attention to the administrator notes of this manual as it is very easy to cause database inconsistencies with the powerful delete/remove command.

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