iPeer v3.0.1 is released

This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a few critical bugs.

  • Fix old survey event can't be edited
  • Fix penalty display when only 1 penalty present.
  • Remove result release date from event form for surveys
  • Fix it couldn't add question in survey in IE and Firefox
  • Fix a teammaker xml issue when student survey response id is NULL
  • Fix Survey result link on instructor/admin home.
  • Fix old survey result do not show on viewEvaluationResult
  • Exclude dropped student from survey result summary
  • Fix survey save for "Choose any of" questions
  • Fix unable to add text answers to surveys
  • Fix master question losing responses & deletion
  • Fix previous submissions not loading
  • Fix Survey Question - Add/Remove Answer not working

For the upgrade, please refer to the Upgrade page.

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