iPeer v3.0.2 is released

This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a few critical bugs.

  • Disable submission confirmation email
  • Fix some bugs & outdated instructions
  • Fix change password for editProfile
  • Fix some bugs for email templates
  • Fix warnings caused by empty courseId in group controller
  • Fix user can't login with session transfer if there is an old session
  • Unify the views in v1 controller
  • Fix preview button on add event page in IE and FF
  • Allow fall back to mail in template email
  • Fix incorrect logging when sending submission email failed.
  • Fix missing names in the email after creating user
  • Disable the type checking for upload csv file for now
  • Fix #471, add extra file type to allow upload for user import
  • Fix that email failed to send when stmp parameters are not set
  • Fix #464. The student view of mixeval result was not showing correctly.
  • Update guard to allow login in with PUID as username in cwl module

For the upgrade, please refer to the Upgrade page.

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