Posts for the month of November 2014

iPeer v3.1.5 is released

This is a maintenance release. It fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed emails templates filling in wrong names.
  • Fixed bug where empty ipeer evaluation reminder emails were sent
  • Added system.version parameter to delta7
  • Updated vagrant and puppet modules
  • Fixed missing formLoaded parameter in event editing
  • Fixed the failed test and update version in sample data
  • Moved delta 5 into delta 4 and remove sql mode in 6
  • Fixed some bugs && temporarily removed show student events
  • Fixed releasing comments for student view of evaluation results
  • Added commands to refresh the cache directory into the upgrade script
  • Implemented some validations to event edit
  • Fixed super admins unable to view all instructors and faculty admins
  • Created upgrade script to version 3.1.4
  • Fixed events add/edit event forms

For the upgrade, please refer to the Upgrade page.