Posts for the month of January 2014

iPeer v3.1 is released

This is a feature release that has a few exciting new features:

  • New mixed evaluation question type called Score Dropdown
  • New interface to add or remove instructors and tutors from courses
  • Permissions Editor
  • Basic evaluation results view for students
  • Email reminders for submitting evaluations
  • New auto-release evaluation results option. Results can be release without review
  • PDF export for evaluation results
  • Ability to import groups with student numbers
  • New option to update or merge for users and groups import
  • Account Consolidation
  • Moving students between courses with the same survey
  • Bulk moving students between courses
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Support for PagodaBox for easier instance set up
  • Login logging
  • Improved interfaces for mixed evaluation and survey templates

This release also contains bug fixes and it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

For the upgrade, please refer to the Upgrade page.

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