What's new in iPeer 3.1

New mixed evaluation question type called Score Dropdown

The "Score Dropdown" question allow students to select a score from a drop down list. The score will be from 1 to 10 times the number of group members.

New interface to add or remove instructors and tutors from courses

Now the instructors and tutors can be easily added and removed from the course.

Permissions Editor

Allow superadmin to change the permission across the system.

Basic evaluation results view for students

Instructor has an new option to set basic or detailed evaluation result view for students. The new basic evaluation results view for students increases anonymity

Email reminders for submitting evaluations

Allow instructor to set reminders to students automatically for unfinished evaluation.

New auto-release evaluation results option. Results can be release without review

Allow instructor to bypass the review step and release the results once the result release date has been reached.

PDF export for evaluation results

Now support PDF export as well as CSV format for evaluation results.

Ability to import groups with student numbers

Import groups either by username or student numbers. When the username is not accessible by instructor, importing my student numbers is useful.

New option to update or merge for users and groups import

When importing users and groups, instructor has a new option to update the enrolment or group members. Update removes students that are not in the new list. Merge only adds students that were not in the initial list.

Account Consolidation

Allow admin to merge two accounts in the system. All data that linked to the secondary account will be linked to the primary account.

Moving students between courses with the same survey

The students can be moved/copied between two courses with the same survey. The survey results will be moved as well.

Bulk moving students between courses

Moving/copying multiple students between courses using a CSV file.

Google Analytics Support

Support for PagodaBox

Login logging

Upgrade scripts to version 3.1

Improved interfaces for mixed evaluation and survey templates

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