Simple Evaluations


  • n - the number of student in a group
  • X - the number of base points to distribute

Evaluation by Student

Each student is given X*(n-1) number of point to distribute among their group members. If self-evaluation is enabled, this number is X*n;

Result Calculation

An average is taken in the following fashion if self-evaluation is disabled.

  • Each students final grade = (sum of all available grades for that student) / (number of available grades for that student).
  • This is a simple average. Students who did not submit a rating are not counted.

If self-evaluation is enabled, things get a little more complex:

  • A student's final grade = ((sum of all available score from others + student's own evaluation grade)) / (count of grades available from others + 1)
  • This means that:
    • if the student submitted their evaluations, a simple group average is taken from the available scores.
    • if the student forgot to submit their evaluations, iPeer behaves as if they gave themselves a score of zero when calculating the average.

Rubric Evaluations and Mixed Evaluations

Each Rubric / Mixed Evaluation question has a weight of 1-20.

  • The weight of a question is the number max points anyone can be rated for this question.
  • For example, if someone rates their teammate with a LOM of Average, with a value of 0.50 for a question worth (weight) 8 points, that teammate would receive 4 out of 8 points for the question.

For each Rubric / Mixed Evaluation question question, a student will receive the average grade from all the answers by the group.

  • Question grade = Average = (Sum of all submitted grades for this question / number of group member who submitted)

The total mark for the evaluation is the sum of all the average marks for all the questions.

  • Total evaluation grade = (Sum of all the average question grades)

There is no dependency on self-evaluation being turned on or off in this case:

  • Grades will be calculated the same way regardless.
  • A self-evaluatee counts as just a regular group member with their opinion.
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