iPeer v3.1.9 is released

This is a maintenance release. It fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed #527 wrong grades calculated during the grade through API
  • Updated guard template file to guard_default.php
  • Fixed #530 CI tests
  • Fixed System Parameter unit test
  • Fixed #526 Sections will be submitted automatically before the evaluation is submitted
  • Added travis CI support
  • Added course creation instructions system parameter
  • Fixed #448 - Rubric evaluation form has accordion closed by default
  • Added permissions for event/export and event/import in delta 11
  • Event CSV import date format restriction loosened (will use any date string with compatible with strtotime function) - Fixed testCsvExport unit test data
  • Fixed a range calculation issue with the getPenaltyByPenaltiesAndDaysLate function (added case to unit tests)
  • Fixed #517 - Simple Eval and Mixed Eval now take into account penalties for students who do not submit their evaluations
  • Improved Performance on PDF export although it still takes a long time
  • Improved performance to export CSV
  • Improved performance for simpleEvalScore and mixedEvalScore by removing the unneeded associated results from the query (no longer requires paging) - Further improved performance for rubricEvalScore by only fetching the EvaluationRubricDetail association (event is not needed) - Added some documentation to rubricEvalScore for why it is fetching in chunks
  • Improved performance for simpleEvalScore, mixedEvalScore, and rubricEvalScore functions to handle larger class sizes
  • Improved general performance for Grades API
  • Added new function getPenaltyByPenaltiesAndDaysLate to Penalty model with unit tests
  • Fixed issues with installation steps for Vagrant and Puppet
  • Moved guard into composer
  • Switched mayflower php module
  • Added missing fixtures
  • Fixed #491 Implemented event import and export
  • Fixed emails templates filling in wrong names.
  • Added ipeer_test database to puppet dev.pp

For the upgrade, please refer to the Upgrade page.


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