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Release Notes for iPeer 2.2

This version of iPeer set out to resolve bugs and inconsistencies in the previous version.

What's new in iPeer 2.2

  • Students are now able to view released evaluation results (grades and comments)
    • These results are anonymous, and randomly ordered.
    • Fixed for Rubrics and Mixed Evaluations.
  • Import from CSV changes for Students/Groups:
    • Email and password are optional. Password will be randomly generated if it is omitted from the import file.
    • Column orders are changed. Please see the sample file on import page.
    • Mac/Windows Excel CSV format is supported.
    • Default course is set to blank when importing student.
  • Export Changes
    • Corrected Export Evaluation result calculations.
    • Evaluation result export with details.
  • Copy mixed evaluation function is now working.
  • Mixed Evaluation comment size is now unlimited.
  • Small GUI Changes:
    • Changed phrasing and language to make things more clear.
    • More clear notice if student did not finish all questions on student portal.
  • General bug fixes, including some code clean-up.
  • New Listing component
    • Replaces most lists in iPeer with a unified component
    • (with notable exception of Advanced Search).
    • Easy to use for end-users, and to implement and augment by developers.

For a full list of the changes, please see below.


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Full List of Fixed Bugs


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