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Release Notes for iPeer 2.1

We are pleased to release a new version of iPeer.

What's new in iPeer 2.1

  • Over 180 bugs are fixed
  • Major browsers are supported
  • PHP 5.3 is supported
  • Improved security and permission checking
  • Improved installation script and new upgrade script
  • Now exports comments in the CSV file
  • Import Students/Groups from CSV file now functional
  • Instructors can only add students to the courses the instructor teaches
  • Instructors can no longer remove students from courses the instructor does not teach
  • Instructors can no longer remove students from the database
  • An instructor can no longer remove himself/herself from the course
  • Group email links are removed temporarily

For a full list of the changes, please see below.


Please refer to the download page.


Please refer to the installation and upgrade page.

Full List of Fixed Bugs


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