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iPeer User Documentation

(Created August 2010)

iPeer is an application to develop and deliver rubric-based peer evaluations, to review and release student comments, to build progress report forms online, and to analyze evaluation results. It has extensive features including user management system, student feedback control, data import/export, automatic installer, self-evaluation and etc… (from:

Technical Information

iPeer is a Web Application. This means that it runs on a server, and can be accessed with any web iPeer is written in a web programming language PHP ( and uses a framework called CakePHP. ( to structure its code. For more technical details, please see trac website at


The students interface is focused on completing evaluations. After students have been created, and assigned to courses, they can log into the system, and complete evaluation events.

Login for Students

Students can log in via 2 mechanisms:

  • via username and password, like every other user on the system.
  • via the CWL plug-in (for University of British Columbia (UBC)). Note that if this plug-in is enabled, the students can not login via iPeer's username and password, and must use their CWL login.
iPeer Login for Students

The students login with their username and password.

  • Username: enter your student number
  • Password: enter the password given to you by your instructor or TA. You can update it later.
CWL Login for USB Students

Click on the CWL logo at the login screen, and you will be taken to the UBC CWL login page. Login just like for other UBC pages, and after the logon is complete, you'll be taken iPeer Home.

First Time Login

If this your first time logging into iPeer.



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