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    7676  * For example, the evaluation has 200 Real Points to distribute amongst your 4 teammates. You assign them "relative score" of 8 for each. You then click distribute. The total number of "relative scores" will be 32. Since you gave each member 8 relative point, their will all get 4/32*100% = 25% of the total read score. When calculating "real score", each member will get 200 Points * 25% = 50 points / member.
    7777  * The above situation would repeat itself if you assigned '''each''' member a slider score, of 2, or 4, or 6, or anything else. Since the number of "relative points" you gave to each member mains equal, they will all be equal relative to one another. It is only the relative score for each member that counts, and will determine the real points at the end.
     78  * If this is '''confusing''', then simply forget about the sliders and Distribute button. Instead, enter the number of points you would like to give to each teammate manually, fill out the comments, and submit your evaluation to finish.
    7879 3. Allocate any remaining points.
    7980  * This step only occurs in cases where the "Distribute" button could not allocate all the points exactly according to your relative scores.