Group Email

Refer to ticket #52


The instructor (or admin) should be able to send a group email

A group can be:

  • Students registered in a course
  • Group members in a group
  • Each student


  • Email Template: User can make and use his/her own email template
    • Has ownership such as private, public, or shared among some group
  • Email merge: User can make a merge field such as name, email, or etc which are automatically filled when the mail is sent
  • Get Email Addresses: User can get email addresses of group and use copied email addresses with preferred email client.



  • Recipients list in "To" field will be:
    • Students registered in a course if user click "Email to All Students" on Course homepage
    • Group members in a group if user click "Email to All Members" on Group view page
    • Student if user click Email Icon next to student name on Group view or User index page.
  • Can add/remove additional recipients by doing similar way of adding instructors to a course.
  • Not allowing manually typed email address to prevent errors with Email merge system.

Email Template

  • User can add/edit/delete/view own email templates
  • Can add merge fields on a template.

Email schedule

  • Single/multiple schedule on email is possible.
    • Multiple schedule needs a number of times to send and interval(day(s), hour(s), or minute(s))
  • Default schedule is current datetime.
  • User can view emails and cancel if email is not sent yet.
  • For better performance in user's view, all emails go to Email Schedule Database, then server will send emails that are ready by cron job.

Database Table

To import tables and data, check attached file, email.sql

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