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    494494  * Uncheck the details that are not not wanted. Note: Leave at least one field of each detail group (marked with similarly colored *) checked.
    495495 7. Select Export.
     497=== Administrators ===
     499Administrators form the smallest user group. An administrator has instructor capabilities (see above) for all courses and users. The administrator also has the privilege to delete information, which can cause data inconsistency. There are faculty admin accounts available which allows the user to have admin access to all the courses in the departments within their faculty. There is also a super admin account that is used for administration of all users including administrators.  Administrators should be extremely cautious when removing data as it is very easy to cause database inconsistencies.
     500 * For example, to remove a student that has been enrolled in a course, and has taken evaluations will likely cause errors when those evaluations are viewed. It is best to leave old users in the database.
     502=== Icons ===
     503Below is a description of the icons that are used in the iPeer web application.
     507=== Glossary ===
     508'''Evaluation Event''':  An evaluation task which is assigned to specific groups of students. An evaluation event must also have an evaluation format, release time (starting and end), and due date.
     510'''Evaluation format''': Methods for members of a group to evaluate other members (and possibly themselves).
     512'''Rubric evaluation''':  An evaluation format where a matrix is used to rate students according to different levels of mastery (e.g. poor, satisfactory, excellent). Students assess their team members' contributions through answering multiple choice type questions and providing written comments if desired.
     514'''Simple Evaluation''':  An evaluation format where members rate other members (possibly themselves) by allocating to each member a portion of a possible mark total (conceptually dividing up money among group members).