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1Running on PagodaBox
31. Create a PagodaBox account at
42. On the PagodaBox dashboard, click on "New Application".
53. Select "Clone an Existing Repo".
64. Give the application a unique name.
75. Paste the url below as your "Clone URL".
96. Click "Launch Application". Wait for the installation to complete.
107. When you see the links "View Live App" and "Manage Your App" the installation process is complete. Click "Manage Your App".
118. Click on "View Live App" (right hand side of the dashboard).
129. Complete the iPeer installation process. Click Next.
1310. Agree to the License Agreement and click Next.
1411. Select Basic Installation. Click Next.
1512. Create your account under "Super Admin Configuration".
1613. Select your timezone (Region/City). Click Next.
1714. Go to Login with the "Super Admin" account you have just created.
19Running Virtual Development Server
21Virtual Environment Setup:
231.  Install VirtualBox at
242.  Install Vagrant at
253.  Go to the iPeer root directory in the terminal. Then run the following commands:
27        git submodule init
28        git submodule update
29        vagrant box add ipeerbox
30        vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
31        vagrant up
324.  Go to localhost:2000 in your browser.
34Using a different port (the port number must be available on both the virtual and host environment):
361. change the line in file puppet/dev.pp from
38        port => 2000,
39to (eg. port 8888)
41        port => 8888,
422. AND change the line in file app/tests/cases/controllers/v1_controller.test.php from
44        $server = 'http://localhost:2000';
47        $server = 'http://localhost:8888';
49Running Tests:
51Go to the iPeer root directory. Then run the following commands
52    vagrant ssh
53    cd /var/www
54    phing test
56For more vagrant commands go to
58Running Tests
60Integration Tests
63* Selenium Server 2.38+
64* PHP Webdriver (
65* Firefox
67Runing the tests:
69    cd iPeer
70    cake/console/cake -app app testsuite app group system
72It is better not to touch the mouse or keyboard during the tests.
74iPeer 3.1.1
76This is a maintenance release.
77* Fix mixeval scale was incorrect rendered when upgrade 3.1
78* Modified build script to run in Vagrant and Ticket #548
79* Fix #557, filters are failed on lists on dreamhost
80* Fix #542
81* Update guard plugin
82* Catch the exception with more information printed
83* Fix mixeval result rendering error
84* Fix #558, 404 when student submitting evaluation
85* Refactor mixeval to use unified preview
86* Refactor rubric form to show header in view page
87* Fix #555, merge user search failed when installed on subdirectory
88* Fix #554, confirm button on upgrade page on firefox
89* Fix #556, use relative URL for css background image
90* Fix #543 remove the criteria hint text from rubric
91* Remove the orphan entries in mixeval_question_descs
92* Fix missing Content-length in response of API call
93* Fix API return 404 when no department is setup
94* Fixed problem with exporting evaluation results to csv
95* Fixed the inability to view students' survey
97iPeer 3.1.0
99This is a feature release that has a few exciting new features:
100* New mixed evaluation question type called Score Dropdown
101* New interface to add or remove instructors and tutors from courses
102* Permissions Editor
103* Basic evaluation results view for students
104* Email reminders for submitting evaluations
105* New auto-release evaluation results option. Results can be release without review
106* PDF export for evaluation results
107* Ability to import groups with student numbers
108* New option to update or merge for users and groups import
109* Account Consolidation
110* Moving students between courses with the same survey
111* Bulk moving students between courses
112* Google Analytics Support
113* Support for PagodaBox for easier instance set up
114* Login logging
115* Improved interfaces for mixed evaluation and survey templates
117iPeer 3.0.8
119This is a maintenance release.
121* Fix the API logging message missing info
122* Text Wrap for Survey Response and Timezone Fix
123* Fixed Firefox issue with mixed eval scale weight
125iPeer 3.0.8
127This is a maintenance release.
128* Fixed reported bug in student index
129* Fixed courses edit for instructors and tutors
130* Modified courses/edit for instructor in no faculties
131* Fixed a timezone bug.
132* Added a small event model test
133* Fixed survey group member model tests
135iPeer 3.0.7
137This is a maintenance release.
138* Change mysql NOW() to php date
139* Add "mail" as default email sending method in scheduled email
140* Fixed #504
142iPeer 3.0.6
144This is a maintenance release. It fixes a few bugs related to the building block API and web interface.
145* Fixed a bug in the api
146* Modified groupMembers and enrolment in the api
147* Updated guard plugin
148* Fixed a bug when adding 0 member to course using API
149* Fixed zero_mark bug for rubric view and rubric evaluation forms
150* Fixed non-existing users added to group as id 0 by API
151* Fixed #480, removed auth error on login page when redirect from app root
152* Moved API log into logs/api.log
153* Fixed a style issue
154* Fixed failed to add user when user data has tab (\t) in API
156iPeer 3.0.5
158This is a maintenance release. It fixes a few bugs related to the building block API and web interface.
159* Fixed events add/edit toggle
160* Fixed #491 Adding class member failed when duplicate username in request
161* Fixed #490 Denied access to admin/department page
162* Fixed #489 Invalid signature error when installed on subdirectory
164iPeer 3.0.4
166This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a one critical bug.
167* Fix submissions for simple evaluation are not stored correctly
169iPeer 3.0.3
171This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a one critical bug.
172* Fix incorrect question number in mixeval
173* Using student first submission timestamp as late penalty criteria
174* Fix mixeval descriptor overflow issue
176iPeer 3.0.2
178This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a few critical bugs.
179* Disable submission confirmation email
180* Fix some bugs & outdated instructions
181* Fix change password for editProfile
182* Fix some bugs for email templates
183* Fix warnings caused by empty courseId in group controller
184* Fix user can't login with session transfer if there is an old session
185* Unify the views in v1 controller
186* Fix preview button on add event page in IE and FF
187* Allow fall back to mail in template email
188* Fix incorrect logging when sending submission email failed.
189* Fix missing names in the email after creating user
190* Disable the type checking for upload csv file for now
191* Fix #471, add extra file type to allow upload for user import
192* Fix that email failed to send when stmp parameters are not set
193* Fix #464. The student view of mixeval result was not showing correctly.
194* Update guard to allow login in with PUID as username in cwl module
196iPeer 3.0.1
198This is a maintenance release. It is recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a few critical bugs.
199 * Fix old survey event can't be edited
200 * Fix penalty display when only 1 penalty present.
201 * Remove result release date from event form for surveys
202 * Fix it couldn't add question in survey in IE and Firefox
203 * Fix a teammaker xml issue when student survey response id is NULL
204 * Fix Survey result link on instructor/admin home.
205 * Fix old survey result do not show on viewEvaluationResult
206 * Exclude dropped student from survey result summary
207 * Fix survey save for "Choose any of" questions
208 * Fix unable to add text answers to surveys
209 * Fix master question losing responses & deletion
210 * Fix previous submissions not loading
211 * Fix Survey Question - Add/Remove Answer not working
213iPeer 3.0.0
215More than 74 bug fixes or improvements from 3.0.0 Beta
216 * Better CSV export. More efficient and better format for process
217 * Upgrade scripts allowing to upgrade from 2.x
218 * Better student home page
219 * Confirmation email after evaluation submitted
220 * New color theme
221 * And more
223iPeer 3.0.0 Beta
225New Features:
226 * Improved Installation and Upgrade Wizard
227 * The new Tutur Role and Faculty Admin Role
228 * Evaluation Absence and Mark Deduction
229 * Fine-grainded Access Control
230 * New APIs
231 * Group Export
232 * Group Email
233 * CWL/Shibboleth, LDAP Authentication
234 * Basic LTI Support
235 * Internationalization (i18N) support
236 * Upgrade to CakePHP Framework 1.3
237 * A lot bug fixes
238 * And more
240iPeer 2.2
242Changelog from 2.1
2431) Students are now able to view released evaluation results (grades and comments)
244     These results are anonymous, and randomly ordered.
245     Fixed for Rubrics and Mixed Evaluations.
2462) Import from CSV changes for Students/Groups:
247     Email and password are optional. Password will be randomly generated if it is omitted from the import file.
248     Column orders are changed. Please see the sample file on import page.
249     Mac/Windows Excel CSV format is supported.
250     Default course is set to blank when importing student.
2513) Export Changes
252     Corrected Export Evaluation result calculations.
253     Evaluation result export with details.
2544) Copy mixed evaluation function is now working.
2555) Small GUI Changes:
256     Changed phrasing and language to make things more clear.
257     More clear notice if student did not finish all questions on student portal.
2586) General bug fixes, including some code clean-up.
2597) New Listing component
260     Replaces most lists in iPeer with a unified component
261     (with notable exception of Advanced Search).
262     Easy to use for end-users, and to implement and augment by developers.
265Changelog from 2.0
2671) Over 180 bugs are fixed
2682) Major browsers are supported
2693) PHP 5.3 is supported
2704) Improved security and permission checking
2715) Improved installation script and new upgrade script
2726) Now exports comments in the CSV file
2737) Import Students/Groups from CSV file now functional
2748) Instructors can only add students to the courses the instructor teaches
2759) Instructors can no longer remove students from courses the instructor does not teach
27610) Instructors can no longer remove students from the database
27711) An instructor can no longer remove himself/herself from the course
27812) Group email links are removed temporarily
280Changelog from 2.0.8
2821) Bug fix: #1725231 , #1725229 (see bugs list in SF for details)
2832) Modify default login page to remove unnecessary JavaScript codes
286upgrade from 1.6:
2881. copy the ipeer_export folder OUTSIDE of your iPeer 2 folder
2892. run it from your browser http://yourserverpath/ipeer_export/ipeer_export.php
2903. type the user/pass and whatnot to get the xml file of your database
2914. save it for now and continue on to installation of iPeer 2.
293iPeer 2 install:
296mod_rewrite for apache
297PHP 4.3.10+ with GD extension
298MYSQL 4+
299PEAR with XML_RPC module (optional, only needed when using CWL)
3011.  run http://yourserverpath/youripeerpath/install   (trailing slash may be required)
3021b. create a database in MySql
3032.  follow the instructions for the install
3042a. if you are upgrading, select UPGRADE and load the xml file there.
305--     in install4, make sure you set the absolute path to your path!
3063.  once the install is complete, delete controllers/install_controller.php and /ipeer_export directory.
308please note:
3101. The database config file /app/config/database.php must be writable during installation.
3112. After installation, please make database.php read only. It is VERY important.
3123. To change file permission, you may either use a FTP client or do it directly through command line (if you have
313shell access to your server. In unix, you may use chmod command to do it)
315please report any bugs you find on sourceforge. we can't fix it if we don't know about it.
317any suggestion or question? please let us know
321-if you type http://yourserverpath/youripeerpath/ and you get http://yourserverpath/loginout/login, your mod_rewrite
322is not set up properly. make sure the line in http.conf has 'AllowOverride All'.
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