iPeer B2 v1.0.11 is Released

The update of iPeer Building Block is released. Here are the changes:

  • Updated menu text for more clear expression
  • Removed pull group action from course creating page
  • Converted all numbers to count active members in course and groups
  • Skip the missing person when sync grade. This solves the issue when test student is manually added into iPeer.
  • Changed group updating strategy to push all members. iPeer will resolve the conflict. This resolves the issue that failing to push groups when there is any change in Blackboard groups.
  • Add timestamp on error page for debug reference

For more information about this building block, please visit iPeer Building Block website: http://ubc.github.com/ipeer-b2/

  • Posted: 2014-02-13 12:02 (Updated: 2014-02-13 12:05)
  • Author: compass
  • Categories: release news


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